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Bee Fresh NZ

Bee Fresh Deodorant Sensitive (CLEARANCE)

Bee Fresh Deodorant Sensitive (CLEARANCE)

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Containing Zero Baking Soda, This Deodorant stick is our most gentle recipe yet!

Bee Fresh Deodorant comes in a handy push up tube, allowing the deodorant bar to gently glide along your skin, using your skins natural temperature to soften.

Our deodorant is made using natural and organic ingredients, making it a soft and moisturising mix, that feeds goodness into your skin. Using organic coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and the delicious citrus essential oils, the natural bacteria inhibiting properties of the deodorant aids your skin in keeping your underarms, clean and healthy. 



*Clearance deodorants contain cosmetic marking/uneven pouring and are subject to availability.

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